Quartz Kitchen Worktops In Slough - Installation & Prices!

Do you want to install a new quartz kitchen worktop In Slough? We are a leading fabrication and installation company working in Berkshire and Slough to be specific. We supply and install kitchen countertops, taps, sinks etc. at the best prices in town.

Quartz is a popular kitchen worktop material. In order to be used as a kitchen worktop material, quartz has to undergo an engineering process that mixes 90% quartz (up to 98% quartz depending on the specific brand) with 10% resins. The results are a kitchen worktop material that is highly customizable.

Quartz Kitchen worktop have grown in popularity throughout Slough and UK in general. This is so because of it numerous advantages that it has over natural stones such as marble and granite.

Advantages of Quartz

  • Highly customizable. Being an engineered stone, we can get the exact qualities we need. By varying the concentration of the resins, we can have hard or soft worktops.
  • Available in almost all colours. Again, this is an advantage that is attributed to the fact that quartz is an engineered stone. We get different colours of quartz by using different dyes in the resins. In fact, we can get typically any colour of quartz that we may desire. The possibilities are only limited by our imagination.
  • It is as hard as it can get. Quartz is second only to diamond when it comes to hardness. Having a hard kitchen worktop means that it will not chip and etch readily. Installing a quartz kitchen worktop means that you will not need to replace it ever.
  • Quartz is non Porous. Quartz doesn’t have pores that will suck spilled liquids. This means that quartz kitchen worktops are highly hygienic and anti-bacterial.
  • Easy to maintain and clean. Quartz doesn’t stain easily. You can spill liquids on it without the fear of ruining it. To clean a liquid spill, you only need a wet rag and basic home detergents to clean.
  • Heat and hit master. Quartz handles heat quite well. It can take a hot pan without much damage. And in case you drop something on it, it will be very forgiving.

Quartz Kitchen Worktops in Slough Installation Details

The price of quartz has greatly changed from being unaffordable to affordable in the past decade. We can attribute this to the improved technology and infrastructure including mining and transportation.

To make it easier for you to plan and budget, we have included an interactive online price calculator in our website. It will help you estimate the price of buying and installing the quartz kitchen worktop. If you are keen, you will note that the final price depends on the design and size of your kitchen worktop.

On average, a slab of quartz will cost you £45 per square foot. Assuming you want to have a 33 square feet quartz kitchen worktop, you will spend an average of £1,485..

Marble Granites Worktop is a professionally supplier of quartz kitchen worktops in Slough and the UK in general.

We handle all aspects of the installation process from the initial measurement and templating to the inspection and post-installation clean up. We are the most cost efficient option in Slough.

In fact, we believe that our price is 10% cheaper than our competitors. If you are looking to enjoy our big discount on your new quartz kitchen worktop, contact us today!




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