Quartz Wall And Floor Tiles in Reading – Price & Installation

When you are thinking of renovating any particular room in your house, you need to shop around and do your research, before you make any firm decisions, or part with any cash. Of course, painting and wallpapering is a big job, but it doesn’t cost as much, or need as much thought as when you are doing something to the ‘hardware’ part of your house.

We are of course talking about things such as countertops, cabinets, cupboards, and flooring.

If you are considering which tiles to go for in your house, be it for walls or floors, then you have some big decisions to make. Of course, the material is the first thing you need to consider, because from there you can go on to think about colour, pattern, finish etc. If you are thinking about quartz tiles then you are making a very solid and sensible decision.

Quartz is a fantastic option for any part of your house, including countertops and tiles, because it is a strong, natural stone, it is very durable, and it is non-porous, which means it doesn’t absorb water, and it doesn’t harbour germs or bacteria. On top of this, you have the major benefit of not needing any maintenance at all after the first installation – bonus! If you know anything about granite and marble, two other natural stones which are similar to quartz, then you will know that these both need annual upkeep maintenance to keep them in tip top shape, and that is what makes quartz stand apart.

You do need to do your research before you part cash however, because shopping around is always something which needs to be done. For instance, if you shop at traditional sale times, such as New Year or Black Friday, for example, you might a great value deal, which saves you cash. If you buy your quartz tiles from a large manufacturer, you will also receive a longer standard warranty, which is great for peace of mind.

Cost of Quartz Wall & Floor Tiles in Reading

Obviously, you are going to want to know about cold, hard cash. The price of your tiles really depends on two factors – the colour and the size. For a sparkling black quartz tile, one which has sparkling flecks inside it, then you can expect to pay around £40 per square metre. For a less popular shade however, such as a mosaic effect, you can pay under £10 per sheet.

As you can see, shopping around is vital!

Another important element is knowing your measurements. You can’t get the whole thing right if you don’t know how much to buy, so get your tape measure out beforehand and get checking – don’t do this haphazardly either!

No matter what shade you go for, and whether you are tiling walls or floors, quartz is certainly one of the best go-to options around, and when you are attempting to redecorate something as important as walls or floors, something we will call the hardware of your house/room, then you need to know that you’re making correct decisions.

One last tip is regarding colour – always check the colour out in a showroom, rather than relying on what you see on the internet; these can vary greatly depending on the type of light which hits it.


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