Silestone Kitchen Worktops – Pros & Cons

Choosing which manufacturer of any large household object to go with can be a minefield. Various names are thrown at you, and you have no idea which is a good one, which is a bad one, and really what the major difference is at all.

You could be forgiven for giving up on the whole deal and simply going with lower price, but does that always give you quality?

In these cases, it’s always a good idea to do careful research, because if you choose the right brand for your household object, you can reap the benefits; choose the wrong one, and it could turn out to be very costly indeed.

When it comes to choosing which kitchen worktop manufacturer to go with, you have many options in front of you. First things first however, you need to choose which material you want, because that may dictate which companies you can work with. If you have shortlisted your decision down to quartz, there is one company you might see crop up a lot – Silestone.

So, what are the pros and cons of choosing a Silestone quartz worktop for your kitchen? Let’s check them out and see how you feel about this at the end of our chat.

Pros of Silestone Kitchen Worktops

  • Industry leaders – Silestone have years of experience in creating and selling the best quartz worktops for your kitchen, and that means you can have confidence in your purchase.
  • High quality warranty packages – It totally depends on which worktop you go for, as to the warranty package you are given, but overall, Silestone offer some very long and high quality packages for your cash.
  • High quality products – We know that quartz overall is a fantastic choice to go for, but Silestone don’t just use any old quartz, they use materials which are the best quality. This means that your worktop is also going to be the highest quality too.
  • Durable material – Silestone quartz is made of 93% original and natural stone, and only 7% added in resin, which gives you the colour and pattern you want.
  • A huge number of different colours and patterns available – The choice is huge, quite literally.

Cons of Silestone Kitchen Worktops

  • Higher price because of the name – If you use a big named brand for anything, you are probably going to pay a little more; this is no different with Silestone, but that means you need to shop around carefully.
  • Too much colour choice? – Is this possible? Well, yes, because how are you supposed to make a decision when there is so much choice!
  • You may find a cheaper alternative with a different company – During sale times you may end up finding a cheaper alternative to Silestone with a different company, such as Caesarstone, for example, and from there you need to think very carefully about which you’re going to go for.

As you can see, there are many advantages to choosing Silestone kitchen worktop, and quartz overall is a fantastic choice, with huge benefits in itself. You won’t have to replace your quartz worktop too soon, and is also offers a zero-maintenance approach to your kitchen décor. Choose your colour wisely, avoiding ‘out there’ colours, and you will be able to make décor change after décor change, without having to replace your worktop too soon.


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