Top 10 Advantages of Quartz Floor Tiles

Thinking of going for new quartz floor tiles? You’ll be joining a merry band of very happy customers if you go down this route, but of course, you need to check out your other options before you make a final decision.

If you’re dead set on natural stone tiles, then you have three main choices – marble, quartz, and granite. Granite and marble are certainly good options, but they lack the zero maintenance element of quartz, and really, that’s what set is apart.

If you need to find out a little more about this natural stone and why it’s so wonderful, check out these 10 advantages of quartz floor tiles.

  1. Quartz is non-porous – Because this is a non-porous stone, you won’t have to worry about fluids being absorbed, and therefore causing issues in the future. Germs and bacteria are also kept well out of this stone, and that makes for a very hygienic option.
  1. Quartz requires no maintenance – We mentioned this in passing earlier, but quartz doesn’t require any sealing or other treatments following the initial installation. Granite and marble do need sealing at least annually, but you don’t need to worry about this when you go for quartz.
  1. Quartz is available in countless colours, patterns, and finishes – The biggest decision, once you settle on the material, is which colour to go for. Within that, you have patterns and finishes too! There really is something for everyone.
  1. Quartz is cost effective – You can easily shop around and find the best deal for your budget, because quartz tiles are available so widely.
  1. Quartz is a naturally strong stone – When you purchase quartz floor tiles, you are getting stone which is around 93% quartz in its natural form, and only 7% added in, which is resin, giving you the colour you have chosen.
  1. Buying from a big named manufacturer gives you a warranty – Quartz is widely available from many different big named manufacturers and suppliers, so you can take advantage of the various warranty packages, giving you peace of mind.
  1. Quartz doesn’t scratch easily – Of course, nothing is 100% scratch-resistant, but you would have to really scratch away at the surface to create any lasting damage on a quartz floor tile.
  1. Quartz is easy to clean – Stick to warm, soapy water and a soft cloth and you’re good to go! When it comes to floor tiles, you are obviously going to need to clean them regularly, because you’re standing on them and that means dirt. The fact that quartz is so easy to clean is a major advantage.
  1. Quartz floor tiles are ultra-fashionable – Popularity sometimes has a major upside, and that means that you are choosing a very in fashion choice.
  1. Quartz floor tiles are basically very durable – If you’re not wanting to replace your floor tiles for many years to come, then quartz is the route to go down, and a very non-hassle route too.

These are the top 10 advantages to choosing quartz floor tiles. Of course, shop around and be sure to check out colours in person, rather than looking at pictures on the internet – this is because shades do vary according to natural light, or artificial types of light, and you want to be sure you’re getting the colour you’re really hoping for.


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