Top 10 Granite Worktop Colours

You have completed one of the hardest tasks in the process of purchasing a brand new kitchen worktop and that is selecting which material you are going to go for. You have either selected Granite as your stone of choice or you are seriously considering it. We have created this article to help you one your way to now choosing which colour you would like to go for. We have a range of neutral colours for those who would like to keep it simple or to match a range of colours or worktop colours to match your already existing colour theme – if you are not keen on changing your theme at any point in the future.

Blue Pearl

As the name suggests, this Granite worktop colour is very much blue but with white and grey bits in the pattern to create the appearance of stones within the surface. This is such a brilliant colour as it will go with a range of colours and themes that you may already have for your kitchen.

Black Galaxy

This Granite worktop colour is beautifully luxurious – the main colour is black with white speckles throughout creating the illusion of stars, hence the name ‘Galaxy’. What makes this colour even more great is that it will go with absolutely any other colour, so you never have to worry about changing your colour theme.

Baltic Brown

This wonderful Granite worktop colour has a beautiful pattern that has been created out of different shades of black and brown throughout. This colour is perfect as it will go with dark and light colours alike.

Fortune Red

The main colour of this kitchen worktop is red and the pattern almost has the appearance of stones that has been created out of dark greys as well as different shades of red.

Golden Exotica

This brilliantly beautiful Granite worktop colour is very much gold, or honey, coloured with bits of white and different shades of gold throughout which creates the beautifully elegant pattern. What is great about this colour is that it will go with almost any other colour out there, including dark and light shades.

Kuppam Green

Despite the name suggesting that this stone is a green colour, it is in fact more of a grey colour. The pattern has been made out of dark and light greys with almost a silver grey and has the appearance almost like bark with vertical lines.

Kashmir White
The main colour of this worktop is white with black speckles throughout the entire pattern. This is perfect for those who are looking to have the contrasting look of dark and light throughout their kitchen theme and will go with any other colour you can find.

Imperial Red

This is another one of our red worktops within the range and its pattern has been created out of black and white speckles which almost resemble flowers.

Icon Brown

Another brilliantly neutral colour of ours is this Icon Brown shade, which has been made out of different shades of brown from very light to dark to create the wonderful pattern.

Sapphire Blue

Last on our list is another one of our blue colours within our Granite worktop range and this one has been made out of blue and browns, with hints of black throughout.


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