Top 5 Granite Colours for Kitchen Worktops

Kitchen worktops come in all different colours and patterns, and we know that granite has a unique look no matter what slab you choose. This means that you need to find a colour which is going to compliment the rest of your kitchen, in order for it to last a longer time. Picking a neutral tone means you can easily change things up from time to time when you decorate, without having to change your worktop too, and this will save you money and stress in the long-run.

If you’re looking for the most popular colours for your granite worktop, these are five very high profile suggestions.

Bianco Romano

This is a shade of white, without being too clinically clean. The grain which runs through the granite looks fantastic against darker cabinets, or you could even go white on white, although do be careful to match up your white shades to avoid clashes. The great thing about this particular shade is its flexibility too, which means you can re-decorate without having to think about changing your colour of worktop. White also looks clean all the time, despite the fact it could be slightly higher maintenance in terms of cleaning.

Seafoam Green

Shades of green and blue are calming, and they go with many other colours, which makes this particular colour ever popular. White or cream look fantastic with blues and greens, but darker wood tones, such as pine also go perfectly well. This is a popular colour thanks to its flexibility, whilst also being very fashionable. Again, this is a colour which looks clean because it isn’t too dark, but won’t be as high maintenance as clear white.

Costa Esmeralda

This particular shade is another shade between green and blue, but slightly darker than our last choice. Again, it looks fantastic with white or creams, and painted cupboards, but is also a great choice with wood cabinets, which adds to its flexibility. If you don’t want to go too dark the spectrum, such as black or brown, this is a good choice.

Absolute Black

Monochrome is an ever popular choice for kitchen worktops, and this particular matte-style shade is just the ticket for a kitchen which will stand the test of time. You can pair this granite colour with white or cream for that classic appearance, and it won’t be as high maintenance as some other colours you might opt for.

Typhoon Bordeaux

Our final choice is a slightly brown/red huge, and looks great with dark browns or even blacks and white. You can try using cream on your cabinets to give it a really warm look, which slims don the sometimes cold appearance of a dark kitchen.

Of course, you don’t have to adhere to trends, but sticking with popular granite colours means you have more scope in terms of your kitchen being fashionable. Be sure to go with neutrals as far as possible, and this means you won’t need to change your worktop so frequently, saving you money in the long run.




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