Top 5 Granite Colours for Your Kitchen Countertops

Bianco Romano - This granite colour is a classic and very popular. This colour is like a white with hints of grey and cream. It can go with most cabinet colours including beige, a warm white, or even pure white. Bianco Romano can also be paired with wood coloured or stained cabinets as well. It provides a nice, gentle contrast for your kitchen.

In terms of appliances and housewares, colours like a bronze or nickel go really well. Bianco Romano can also go with stainless steel appliances as it is a very versatile colour.

Seafoam Green - This colour of granite has gorgeous, earthy tones that has brown and grey colours throughout the slab. It is almost like a darker, earthier emerald colour. It goes well with rustic colour for your hardware and appliances. Colours such as copper or oil-rubbed bronze go very well with this elegant colour.

This Seafoam Green goes especially well with wooden or stained cabinets. The lighter the better.

Costa Esmeralda - This granite colour has become very popular in recent years as it conveys a very soft feel throughout the kitchen. It is represented as a mix of blue and green, likened to having the same colour as the ocean! This granite goes well with off-white cabinets obviously, staying with the ocean theme, but can also be nice with a natural looking wood cabinet.

Costa Esmeralda will pair with nickel cookware or even a stainless steel to complete a light, fresh, modern look and feel to your kitchen.

Absolute Black - This colour needs little explaining as to what it looks like! It is the definition of a classic colour and goes well with just about every colour. However, the best colour schemes seem to contrasting colours. Therefore having painted white cupboards will go extremely well with Absolute Black countertops.

Chrome, oil-rubbed nickel and stainless steel go perfectly with Absolute Black for the fixtures and cookware. This classic look is by far one of the most popular but oak or walnut cabinets give the kitchen a more rustic, natural look.

Typhoon Bordeaux - Typhoon Bordeaux is a very unique blend of colours that include cream, brown, brick red, and grey. The colours kind of swirl all together to make a beautiful blend that looks like a chocolate, vanilla, caramel ice cream and can be any shade of dark or light. It goes well with lighter cabinets of an off-white or cream colour, as well as darker colours of granite that pair with the darker tones of cabinets.

With the darker red tones that are more rustic, copper appliances would go well with the motif as well as nickel or stainless steel. The same goes for the light granite, but black or stainless steel would be best.

These granite countertops colours come in a variety of colours and patterns that will bring out the best in your kitchen. How much light your kitchen gets, its orientation, and the colour schemes in the rest of your home will decide what is the best combination of granite countertops, cupboards, and appliances for your beautiful kitchen!


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