Unistone Kitchen Worktops

Choosing which quartz kitchen worktop to go for can be a minefield, because the choice is so great. Not only do you have colours and finishes to check out, but you also need to think about which producer or manufacturer you’re going to go with too.

It can be an overall difficult decision to make, but provided you look at it with a thorough approach, then you should be more than fine, and be left with a very professionally installed, high quality worktop for your kitchen.

Of course, we know that quartz has many advantages overall, including:

  • It is non-porous, which means no liquid absorption
  • It is anti-bacteria, because no germs or bacteria is harboured within the stone
  • It is maintenance-free – no need for any sealing or other procedures once it is fitted
  • It is very strong and durable
  • It is highly scratch and heat resistant

Basically, this all adds up to the perfect choice for your kitchen worktop.

If you’ve been doing any research then you will have seen the major big-players in the quartz industry, and one of them is called Unistone.

Unistone quartz worktops are made of 90% natural quartz and 10% resin, which basically means that you are getting a huge amount of natural stone content, making it a strong option, and the remaining 10% is just the colour element and decorative choices you have decided to go with.

Unistone worktops are also produced using a technology which is quite famous in this industry, namely the Breton method. This means that can be sure of a high quality product which arrives in your kitchen, and you have a huge range of colours and finishes to choose from too. The three main finishes in the Unistone range include:

  • Polished – A glossy finish with natural elements and veins
  • Letano – A brushed finish which looks extremely natural
  • Velluto – A matte finish which still retains much of its natural gloss

Unistone quartz kitchen worktops generally come in large slabs of 300x140cm, and you then measure out your worktop and have the quartz cut and installed according to your needs. Professional installation is imperative in this regard, because that way you can be sure of a long-lasting result, with a worktop which is going to basically stand up to most things you throw at it.

Shopping around for the best price to suit your budget is a definite must-do, as well as heading to a showroom to choose your final colour. One shade may look a certain way on your laptop or tablet, when you’re surfing the web and redecorating your kitchen, but you need to see how the shade reacts to natural light, i.e. from the window, and artificial lights too. Once you know this, you can really make a final decision on the colour, and there are certainly plenty of different colours and shades to go with in the Unistone range!

Put simply, when you choose quartz you’re getting a long-lasting and hard-wearing stone as a newcomer in your kitchen. Whilst nothing is 100% scratch or heat resistant, this is as much as you’re ever going to get, and you can lengthen its life even more by perhaps purchasing worktop savers, to put down your hot pans, and chopping boards for cutting things up.

Pick quartz, and you pick quality!


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