White Granite Countertops – Pros & Cons


White Granite Countertops

White countertops are so on trend at the moment, but is it such a wise decision to make? While white can be such a beautiful colour to choose, is it practical, especially within homes that have young children? White décor can offer such an elegant feel to your home and it can bring such a fresh and clean look.

Many people view white as such a brave colour to go for, and quite rightly so. But during this article we will discuss the good and bad points of going for a white Granite countertop.


Beautiful in Appearance

As mentioned above, white is such a beautiful colour to choose for your kitchen countertops and that is one of the reasons why it is such a popular colour at the moment. White is very trendy for kitchens and it will go with almost any other colour out there, which means that you never have to worry about changing anything if you decide to switch your colour theme slightly. You can even keep your existing accessories if you wish.

Perfect for Small Kitchens

If your home has a kitchen that is on the smaller side, then white is definitely a colour that you should consider as it has the power to fool your eyes into thinking the room is bigger than it is. White is able to create an illusion of a bigger kitchen as it reflects and bounces light around the room – a very cost effective way of ‘enlarging’ your kitchen without knocking anything down.

Range of Shades

Our range of white or lighter shades of Granite countertops offer our customers a few to choose from. Whether you want to go for bright white or a bit more of a pattern, we have you covered.

Fresh and Clean

If you choose white Granite for your kitchen countertops then you will end up with a completely fresh, crisp and clean look after its been finished. White has a power to achieve a great appearance of cleanliness – perfect for kitchen areas.


Difficult to Keep Clean

As kitchens are such a high traffic area, white can be such a difficult colour to maintain with cleanliness. While it can look so fresh, it takes a bit of work to achieve and maintain this appearance. Any spillage or crumb would show and therefore you may end up having to clean even more than you do now.

‘Hospital Like’

Some people are not so fond of white for the simple reason that is reminds them too much of hospitals as it has a sterile look about it. As mentioned above, white has the power to look incredibly clean is maintained well however this look can sometimes be a bit overkill for some people. Reminding people of hospitals is not necessarily the type of reaction you want from people when they visit your home.

‘Too’ Big

As white has a great power to create an illusion of a bigger room, for some rooms this may not be beneficial and could end up making the room look far too big and spacey. While white is beautiful to look at, the choice could end up backfiring on you and end up getting lost within your kitchen. Perhaps you should consider not having white as a block colour within the kitchen and instead involving some other colours, shades and textures to ensure that your kitchen is not enlarged too much.

As you can see from the list above, there are many reason why you should go for a white Granite countertop, however there are equally good reasons why someone would prefer to stay away. Hopefully this article has helped you during the process of deciding and eliminating on colours and materials.



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