White Granite Worktops

If you are considering going for a white granite worktop during your new kitchen renovation, then you are making a very bold, but very rewarding choice.

Everything in life has advantages and disadvantages, but you are probably wondering whether going for such a bright and high maintenance colours as white is a risky choice to opt for. Well, yes and no. White is a very clean, bright, and minimalistic colour, which basically goes with everything, but it is also a colour that doesn’t hide anything either.

In terms of material, granite is a perfect choice for a bathroom or kitchen, because it is hard-wearing, durable, flexible, available in many different shades, and it is also stain resistant and heat resistant, provided it is sealed correctly at installation, and looked after routinely after that.

Let’s check out the pros and cons of choosing a white granite worktop, and see if you feel any differently at the end of our discussion.

Pros of White Granite Worktops

White granite is basically an easier to maintain version of marble, and can look very similar if you choose the right shade; this means you are getting a classy and chic appearance to your kitchen or bathroom, for less cost. Granite is very hard and durable, as a naturally occurring stone, excavated from the ground. When you go for granite, and you pay the cost for the stone and the installation, you know that you’re not going to have to repeat the process for a good few years to come, which makes it a very cost effective option to go for too.

Granite is also heat resistant, so whether you choose the stone for your bathroom or kitchen, you know that hot pans or hot hair styling tools are not going to cause a problem. Granite is also very hard to stain as long as you seal it properly from time to time, and that again means that it is going to last you for a long time to come.

White granite is available in many different shades, and each slab will look totally different to any other, which means you are getting a unique appearance. From bright snow white hues, to a darker, off white colour, you can basically pick the shade that fits your kitchen or bathroom, and you also know that white is going to go with pretty much any other colour you choose for the rest of your kitchen or bathroom décor. Therefore, white granite is very flexible.

Cons of White Granite Worktops

The major downside of choosing any white worktop, let alone granite, is that it is going to take a lot of regular cleaning to keep it looking shiny and clean. This is basically because white shows up everything, so as soon as you have cooked something, or as soon as you have had a shower and used any products, you are going to need to wipe your worktop down immediately, unless you want it to look a mess. This isn’t a major problem however, as it means at least your room is always going to be clean and hygienic!

The cost is a slight downside, but when compared to other stone work surfaces, granite it not the most expensive.

As you can see, there are many more pros than cons in choosing a white granite worktop!




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