Why Marble is Great for Wet Rooms and Vanity Units

Using marble for your floor furnishing can create a feeling of elegancy, beauty and sophistication; even for the smallest of houses. It has been used over centuries by royalties as a sign of great wealth; architects have used marble to create pieces of art and buildings that stand unshaken until now.

Marble is the best tile material that can be used for furnishing wet rooms and vanity units. Marble create an illusion of large space and reflect light in a maximum way, enhancing the features of the bathroom. They generate a feeling of contentment and serenity.

A Variety to Choose From

There are two varieties of marble that you can choose from; polished and honed, which depends on the type of personality you have. For persons who enjoy shiny things, polished marble is the best; it contains reflective qualities that make it shiny and eye catching. A person who has a quiet personality would fall in love with honed marble, as it lacks the shining property; rather portrays sophistication in a simpler manner.

Water Absorption

Marble is made from earth, making it porous. The porosity of the marble particles makes it easier for any liquid to be absorbed in the floor; leaving a clean dry feeling instantly. You do not have to worry about slippery floors anymore. It does not retain water at any level; making you feel very comfortable in your “little space.”

Choice of Colors

Marble also comes in different shades of colors:  bright colors, dull colors as well a multi-colored marble tiles. This gives you a broad platform to choose from. You do not have to succumb to choosing tile colors that you are not comfortable with; as marble has the ability to bring out warmth and sense of security as well as showcase loudness. You can choose something that speaks for you and would blend in with the rest of the artifacts.

Easy Cleaning

Cleaning marble floors is an easy task; cleaning requirements include; mild-bleach, water and a brush to keep the floors clean; you do not need to scrub them using too much energy as the dirt washes away quite fast. They need a soft form of cleaning and do not take much of your time and the floors have a consistent brand new look.

One major thing you have to look out for is stains; wipe off stains of butter, vinegar, tea, cosmetics, fruit juices and alcoholic beverages.

Damage Repair

Resealing marble is done once in a while because the floors are maintained well with soft scrubbing that does not wear off the tile colors and texture. Marble tiles often have a polish coat that acts as protection of the surface. This coating ensures that the marble can withstand any stains.  Unless your floors are honed, then there are very minimal repair and resealing costs of theses floors; making it very suitable for your wet rooms and vanity units.

Marble tiles sproves to be the best fishing for wet rooms and vanity units, giving them a pleasant look. They may be a bit expensive, but neither need high maintenance nor repair time to time as they have a long lifespan.


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